Escorting work and careers (full and part time jobs)

Career's At Talent Escorts - North West
No experience necessary, must be over 18 to apply. 
Once you have texted and emailed some pics and your location, we will contact you, normally the same day.  We will then give you a call regarding jobs and escorting work with us.
We are an escort agency servicing Cheshire, North West, Blackburn, Warrington, Bolton, Wigan, Blackpool, Preston, Chester, Salford and other areas.
Tips On Pictures:
As a high class Escort Agency, we are seeking ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes in the following areas: Manchester, Stockport, Bolton, Warrington, Bolton, Blackburn, Oldham, Rochdale, Preston, Blackpool, Salford, Trafford, Cheshire, Liverpool, Chester, Wirral and the whole of the North West.
The more pictures you send the better, ideally. We will then be in contact with you on the phone to discuss the job further. After that, the final step is just to meet and owner and one of our phone girls for a chat in a public place to discuss what the role requires and to answer any of your questions about jobs in escorting.
Key Points Working with Us:
  • There is a £60 admin fee to start
  • We can have you working on the same evening as your interview
  • Free photo shoot for our website and publications
  • Full training given (we believe the highest level in the North West, modules like "speaking to a Client on the phone", "pitching to a client to get the booking ", "safely entering premises", "being discreet for yourself and clients", roleplays on possible scenarios,
  • You don’t have to see a Client if you have a specific reason - even just a bad feeling from a telephone conversation
  • Dont have to be a driver.
How to be a Successful, Wealthy Career Escort: 
  • Treat this as a career, not a part time short term job.  Invest in nice lingerie to look goof fo9r the clients, don’t be lazy with Clients, make the effort and make them feel attractive and good
  • Be a good listener and respectful in people’s homes
  • Ready to go at the drop of a hat, not letting down the agency, being punctual, wanting to work longer hours when its busy, even if you are tired you need drive to push through
  • Be able to listen, be interested in what people are saying, be able to party when necessary
  • Enjoy the job - most of our jobs are later on so it’s much more of a party atmosphere.  Clients love you to have a good time
  • Really make the effort with every client - ask them what they like, get to know them.  Within a month or two they will only want to see you and you can rely on regular call from Clients that you like ££££
  • Always look good and have changes of outfits on Shift
  • Work your own hours. You will be independent.
About the Job at our Escort Agency:
If you interested in earning £500-£700+ on a busy night by doing outcalls - we offer the best rates in town to our Manchester escorts and you will get to work with some of the best Clients - generally affluent and wealthy and well mannered guys who can afford to spend lots of hours with you.  The main part of the job is really being good company and being interested in the Client and what they are saying, being a good listener.
You are effectively, as with all agencies, an Independent worker - this means you don't work directly for us. We provide you with the jobs, drivers, safecy and the the benefits that come working with an established Agency.  So this means as an Independent Escort, you are your own boss.
We also like self-drive ladies, who can drive themselves from jobs to jobs in their own vehicles - this is slightly more profitable for the escort, as there is no need for us to pay a driver. It also means you can pick and choose your jobs. 
  • We offer Escort jobs to women of all denominations  - Polish, Romanian, English, Chinese, Japanese, Asian, Indian, Pakistani etc.
  • We are able to be flexible in terms of working hours and full or part time cfemale companions jobs.  Some of our girls only choose to so a few jobs a week.
  • We are looking to recruit the highest class of Ladies0 in Manchester, we expect high levels of professionalism from our ladies and also for them to be well dressed and manicured for every Client job . We provide full training on the job, as well as experienced drivers for our girls. 
  • We provide our girls with busy nights and many client jobs and we are always happy to welcome applications from ladies of all different ages, sizes and nationalities, and also from ladies in all parts of the North West not just Manchester.
  • We accept card payments and bank transfers from our clients, unlike most other agencies,  greatly increasing the chance of getting extended hours on your escort jobs.
No Experience Necessary To Apply:
On a full working shift you will be picked up at the start of the evening by a professional driver, driven to and from all the jobs we provide, and dropped back home at the end of the shift.
Our girls are the best paid in town and the best looked after. At Talent we are a small family and we all look after one another.
There is a £60 admin fee to start, as creating your website page is a lot of work – your face will be blurred out for your own privacy on any website images.  We can also remove any tattoos or identifying marks from your website photos.  You will also receive full agency support and benefits.  Escort Jobs and Escort work available now.
All your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and will never be passed onto any third parties.
We care about the welfare of our ladies and we employ a top level of Driver, normally with Doorman or Security backgrounds and we do full checks on all our clients before sending our girls to jobs – we offer our girls the best levels of safety available in any of the Manchester Agencies.  But as mentioned, it's beneficial for us is ladies have their own transport or drivers as you have more earning potential and wont have to pay our driver fees.
We look forward to your application,
Talent Escort Agency Manchester & North West  xxx



Pls note we only hire ladies with experience, over the age of 20.

Any drivers introduced to a Companion at their request remain independent and are only introduced by the agency, the companion free to engage the driver services should they wish, the agency is not responsible in any way or for any due diligence should the Companion engage the Driver services.
Escorts are free to decline bookings if they so wish to do so.
Money exchanges happen between the escort and the client -  the agency will collect a nominal booking fee otherwie known as commission.
The payment an agency receives is strictly for advertising and marketing services as a booking agency services.
Escorts must be over the age of 20, provide valid ID and be authourised to work in the UK.
All escorts listed on your agency are independent and choose their own working hours.and are independent and solely reponsible for their own tax and employent arrangements.




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