Life of a Call Girl - The reality

Life of a Call Girl.
Reality vs Perception.



When you hear the words call girl what do you think of? Maybe the glamourous tv series Secret Diary of a Call Girl? Just another sex worker? Or maybe you have no idea.

Talent Escorts Manchester, think it’s time to educate!  
In the UK there are three main categories of working girls. The first is the most common one that springs to mind when you hear the words working girl, the one that stands on the ‘street corner’, she’s the one who gets in and out of cars selling sex and who places herself at a very high personal risk rate but most commonly has the lowest monetary value rates. The second category of working girls are those who work at ‘parlours and brothels’. This is when she often works with other women in these locations and are often named in the industry as providing an in-call service, this is when the client visits her, and she provides a service maybe an erotic massage with a happy ending? Or something along those lines! Finally, the third category is escort, this is mainly an outcall service which means that instead of the clients going to them, the girls go to the clients. This is the broadest category as this includes; independent working girl and girls that work for an agency. In this case the agency will advertise her in the form of pictures on a website, then send work her way as they handle bookings and appointments and then for this they take a cut of the money charged on the hourly rate. Or if she is an independent she will often do all the agencies work herself and keep all the money. This often adds a higher risk to the independent working girls as they don’t get the screening processes in which agencies use.  

Call girls fit into the third category – Escort.

On an average day a girl can see 3 or 4 clients and earn £400. Compared to an average night where she could see up to 6 clients and earn £600-£700. Often weekends are busier for night work and the week days are often busier during the days. But how do you get into the sex industry? Based on personal experiences, the ladies I met doing it got into it for a mass number of reasons. Ranging from needing to support family and children, to they are having sex anyway on the weekend so why not get paid for it? I even heard the tv series Secret Diary of a Call Girl being a big motivating factor. However, many of the more experienced girls said and I agreed after only a short while escorting that, that show was a grossly inaccurate portrayal of the industry.
The type of clients that call out girls are mainly men (shock) but often you do get some couple bookings which are always fun if you’re into that. The men are for the most part very polite, understanding and just want to have a good time with a beautiful and funny girl who is a good listener. This is a big part of the industry that I don’t think is highlighted enough. Men book girls mainly to listen to them and take an interest in what they see as their boring day to day lives. From talking about work to wives and everything in between they just want to be heard and made to feel manly.
The bottom line of being a call out girl, is whether you read the blogs online or even watch the tv series (which I advise against lol) is basically that it comes down to you as a person. I mean whether you can get over everyone else’s views of how bad it is, and all the negative things associated with it. If you can see it for what it is, your having a good time and getting paid for it and your doing what you want to do – why wouldn’t you do it? It makes sense, right?

If you are reading this and you think you could do it or if you just want to give it a go, at an agency whose number one priority is our girls safety then do not hesitate to ring or email our team here at Talent and we will be more than happy to discuss anything with you.

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