Independant Escorts VS Agency

Agency VS Independent.

The difference between an agency escort and an independent is quite big and this is the largest decision that clients face from our perspective.
Here at Talent we know that there is such a wide selection of ladies to choose from on the independent websites however there are so many more benefits of going with an agency.
As is to be expected not every escort is the same, and this then changes the experiences you’ll receive during your booking. The levels of professionalism and the attention to detail that the girl provides you with during your booking all depends on how you go about creating your booking and your prior knowledge on the industry and the differences between agencies and independents. Combining all this knowledge should allow you to make an informed decision on the girl that is perfect for your needs but also at the same time reducing the risk rate for yourself.

Before you even consider starting to look for the girl of your dreams, we suggest you have a think about what you are looking for and take into considerations:
- Age, height, body type and other attractive physical attributes.
- Personality traits – if you want a wild fun party girl or a quiet classy dinner date.
- When and where you would want your booking to take place.

Independent ‘s.
When the time arrives, and you start looking for an independent escort you’ll soon struggle to find one provider that meets all your desires and finding an independent of high class may prove to be a huge task. We suggest taking your time and researching, reading through forums and gaining a true review. This doesn’t mean there are no classy, gorgeous, independent escorts out there it just might prove hard to find.

Once you’ve found what you are looking for the hard work is not yet done, the next stage is to ensure you get what you want. Ensuring that the escort that turns up is the girl you booked, and you also receive what your agreed. However, this is often where the disappointment hits most and hardest as the escort that turns up could have; poor hygiene, her appearance may be drastically different and could also end up increasing her rates for basically the basics.
Cost; this is the main difference between an independent escort and an agency escort. Numerous clients will book an independent as it is foreseen to be the cheaper option, as they don’t have to pay any agency fees which basically means they have fewer overheads to consider. However, this is very rarely the case as even if you think you have agreed an all -inclusive fee, independent escorts often piecemeal. This means that they will charge an extra fee for each service you require and as you can understand this could get expensive.





If by this stage of the blog your still not sure that agency escorts are better than independent, then you best keep reading.  Choosing an agency is by far the safest, normally the most cost-effective and the simplest way to find the girl that’s right for you. As booking via an agency simplifies the process from start to finish.

Finding a quality escort starts with finding a quality agency. This means that the staff at the agencies are vetted, monitored and have a good in-depth understanding of both the clients needs and wants and can deliver the perfect lady to you. When using an agency, you have certain reassurances that you don’t get from booking an independent. These include the lady you book is the one that arrives also, that she is a consenting adult (of age) but the biggest reassurance is the protection that both the lady and the client receive from the agency just on the off chance something does go wrong. As when booking through an agency your reputation and security are safe guarded.
Cost; can be a factor when booking through an agency and the client should always debate the benefits of paying an inclusive upfront fee rather than paying per service as mentioned already this could work out to be the more expensive option. However, paying an all-inclusive fee ensures the level of professionalism and services are the highest quality. With an agency your call will always either be answered or returned as soon as possible by a member of staff that understand the nature of your call and can be of massive help within the selection process.

So why take the risk whether its an intimate dinner date with good conversation or a night on the town why risk not getting a high level professional service?
Take the risk away and book today with an agency!


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