Erotic massage - what is it?

Erotic Massage – Would You?


When you think of the word massage it conjures up thoughts of relaxation, serenity and pure bliss. But when you put erotic in front of it, it changes everything!
Here at Talent Escort Agency Manchester, we think it’s time to enlighten you on what this massage can do for you and the lucky girl who is giving it. An erotic massage is a symbol for sensuality, passion and the release of energy. During the massage some of the techniques used will blow your mind as your body explodes into a state of pure bliss and you’ll reach a new level of pleasure.
So, what’s the secret to the effectiveness of this massage? Maybe it’s the impact the unique healing effects have on the human body, or on the mental frame of mind to both partners or maybe its just the power of sensual touch on everybody part involved. It all starts with the build-up of energy in every movement on the body. The energy released causes both the heart rate and blood flow to increase and feelings and emotions from both the client and the escort are felt through each movement and enhances the sexual attraction felt between you’ s both.


Firstly, creating the environment to gain the most out of this sensual massage begins with lighting some candles, dimming the lights and having a cheeky strip-tease but without using your hands maybe including blindfolds will most certainly get the mood set. During the massage there are several areas of the body that are focused upon and these are called energy-sensitive regions these include; earlobes, breasts (in women), the neck, the abdomen and of course the pelvis and prostate. The actions involved are proven to have effects on anti-aging, health improvement and can also prevent (not stop) the development of multiple diseases.
This type of massage holds a very special place amongst the sensual massages. Along with deep relaxation to the massaged areas it also gives the feeling of safety and security, as it allows the head to switch off from everything else and focus on the slow movements of the escorts hands all over your body and your mind just wanders. Being touched by a call girl in this way is an important aspect for health and balance within whatever lifestyle you live. As when your whole body is being caressed, the feelings of sensuality and lust is the foundation for more vitality and works especially well as the genital area is involved during this type of massage but normally this happens towards the end of the massage. As sex is one of, or if not the most paramount human needs, erotic massage allows for the sexual tension to be embraced and leads to a unique feeling of happiness which is different in every person. During the massage a range of tools can be used to embrace the tensions, and these can include anything from oils, silk items and feathers dependent on the masseuse there really are no limits.

What could be nicer than feeling simultaneously two or even four escorting hands rubbing and relieving stress all over your body covered in warm oil? The massage is started on the back and then moves around the body going from each energy-sensitive region and uses various massaging techniques from rubbing, pressing and kneading. An effective body massage begins on the back then moves to legs, chest and head and then gradually working back down the body gaining energy and finishes at the genital area.

With this feeling of your muscles relaxing, day to day stress melting away and all your knots just dissolving the sensuality of this massage really kicks into high gear. Then when it comes to the prostate things really do start getting hotter! The masseuse will then place you into the best position often with your legs bent and your whole body relaxed the gentle massaging often done with the middle finger of course with even more oil will take you to even higher levels of ecstasy.

There are many independent escorts and ladies offering erotic massages, but many agencies also offer similar massage services. Escorting in Manchester really offers a wide range of services all done to a high standard. So why wait? Let your curiosities and desires be met tonight.



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